A Pictorial Timeline of Our Yard Through The Ages

Earlier this year we gave the yard at DMR HQ a facelift

The transformation was so startling that we rushed straight to the DMR Photographic Archive to remind ourselves of how it looked before. For posterity and historical records (but mainly because we just like posting pics), we’ve created this pictorial timeline charting the last six years in the life of our yard on Church Street in Leigh.

When we took over the property in 2015, it’s fair to say the yard needed some work…

To start us off, here’s an intriguing piece of photography that really captures the insidious encroachment of nature into Man’s abandoned world.

…A LOT of work.

Where’s Wally (NVQ assessor, Steve Graham) in this pic?

The yard briefly became a staff car park…

There’s some aesthetically pleasing parking in this pic.

…Until we started its transformation into a construction apprenticeship training centre

DMR’s own Business Development Manager (and former bricklaying NVQ assessor), Keith Bullock, built this outhouse with his own bare hands (and a little help from our apprentices)

We put signs up…

Because it wouldn’t be a proper training yard without a few signs.

…And our marketing team started al fresco dining years before it became trendy (or necessary)

It’s all the rage now, though.

The new training centre quickly filled with apprentices

You can’t beat construction as a career choice on a sunny day like this.

Team photo of one of the first groups of apprentices to benefit from the yard

Smile lads!

And here’s a few groundwork apprentices in action (nice pose, Sam!)*

*Sam turned out fine in the end.

In the newly converted garage and outhouse, we had plastering…

Wipe on, wipe off, Daniel-san.

…And joinery

“We need a joinery photo for the website, Josh. Try to act natural. Pretend you’re a real joiner! What’s that…you ARE a real joiner? Well, who trained you? We did? Okay, well just smile and bend more at the knees, then”

Fast forward a few years and the apprentices have left to embark on prosperous careers in the construction industry

We now feel like middle-aged parents who’ve just packed their kids off to uni then immediately converted their bedrooms into a home gym and cinema room.

It’s snowing!

Here, a member of our admin team (who wishes to remain anonymous) simultaneously inspects the quality of the building work whilst dancing in the snow. It’s a thumbs up for Lowton Property Maintenance.

And now it’s raining!

Our admin team does not like rain.

And here’s the new DMR putting green!

Somewhere to practice those tricky six footers in preparation for The Pennington Flash Masters in August.

Let there be light!

Starting to get holiday vibes now. Are we really still in Leigh?

AND The Garden Furniture … Actually, where is the garden furniture?

To be continued…

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