The NVQ has given me options - a few more options than I had before. Everyone [at DMR] was excellent. They were all very approachable and I felt that if I needed to call them or needed to talk to them, I could do that. I felt the support was always there. Sometimes I forwarded an e-mail or a message to my assessor at half-seven or eight o’clock at night, and I thought he probably wouldn’t reply until the following day. But he always got back to me straight away and that put me at ease. The whole [DMR] team are brilliant.
Level 3 NVQ in Bricklaying

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Steve [DMR assessor] was superb. He was very flexible and responsive. Our work plans often changed at short notice, but Steve was very accommodating and would adapt to our plans. We can’t praise him more highly. The lads are all really pleased with their NVQs, and there has been a big boost to morale and confidence.
Level 2 NVQ in Fitted Interiors

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The NVQ has helped me massively. It has increased my earning potential and given me more career opportunities. I’ve been really busy since finishing the NVQ, and I’m rammed with work right now!
NVQ Level 2 in Fitted Interiors
Getting the certificate saying I was fully qualified was a big relief. The biggest benefit of the NVQ is that I can now go to any site, anywhere in the country. Now that I have my CSCS card, it’s easier to move from job to job
NVQ Level 2 in Plastering

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I told [my assessor] I had dyslexia and was having trouble understanding the questions. So, he sat down with me for a while and helped me make sense of them and get through them. He knew that I knew what I was talking about. It was just understanding the meaning of the questions at first, but my assessor was ever so helpful. Despite my reluctance to do an NVQ, everything has been fine. It was good and there were no dramas apart from when I flipped out a bit over the questions. But [my assessor] really helped with that.
NVQ Level 2 in Painting and Decorating

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Ian is a brilliant teacher and he gave me great support throughout. Some of the knowledge questions were confusing but Ian helped me to interpret them. I’d call or Facetime Ian when I needed help, sometimes at 8pm or 9pm at night and he’d still answer. Jody [DMR Client Relationship Manager] was also really supportive.
NVQ Level 2 in Under Floor Insulation
Having the NVQ means that I can branch out into different things. I found the written part of the NVQ a bit complicated at first – but [my assessor] was really helpful in explaining them. . He’s got a good understanding of the insulation trade, so he knew how to ask the right questions.
NVQ Level 2 in Cold Roof Insulation

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My assessor came out to site and watched me supervising jobs, and we had a lot of discussions by phone. I couldn’t get my head around the job knowledge questions at first because they were worded differently to any other qualification I’ve done before. But my assessor supported me over the phone. Whenever I had questions about the qualification, I got answers.
GB Builders Wigan Ltd

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