£288 Million Government Investment in Low Carbon Heating

As a provider of training and qualifications in the low carbon sector, we’re pleased that the government’s Green Heat Network Fund opened for business last month.

The fund provides £288 million in financing to private and public sector schemes that support the uptake of low and zero-carbon heating systems such as heat pumps and solar thermal panels.

The fund is a boon to the low carbon technologies sector, and it is forecast to deliver nearly 10 million tonnes of total carbon savings by 2050 – roughly equivalent to the lifetime emissions of 500’000 cars.

Heat networks – also known as district heating – are systems where a central energy source delivers heating through insulated pipes to residential and commercial properties. As the move away from fossil fuel to low carbon energy sources continues to gather pace, it’s estimated that sustainable heat networks powered by air source and geothermal heat pumps could account for nearly a fifth of the UK’s heating by 2050.

The UK is home to more than 14’000 heat networks, with nearly half a million customers benefitting from them. Some networks are community-led schemes, such as The Heating Swaffham Prior project in Cambridgeshire. Others utilise innovative technologies like smart monitoring systems.

Energy Minister Lord Callanan is a big fan of low carbon heat networks, as is Association for Decentralised Energy CEO, Lily Frencham:

“Heat networks are an effective way of reducing carbon emissions and this fund will enable us to accelerate the roll-out of these cutting-edge and green technologies.” – Lord Callanan.

“Heat networks offer the most cost-effective tried and tested way of decarbonising our towns and cities and it is great to see government’s continued support for the sector through the launch of the Green Heat Network Fund.” – Lily Frencham

Low Carbon Qualifications and Training at DMR

We deliver a range of low carbon qualifications, including NVQ assessment in Insulation and Building Treatments, and Solar Roofing. We also provide bitesize upskilling courses for insulation firms and their staff, enabling them to grow their portfolio of retrofit services. Get in touch with us today to discuss your bespoke training package.

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