The Joiner Rejoins!
Five years after completing his joinery apprenticeship with us, Josh Marshall is back at DMR as our new administrator and training consultant. Naturally, we wanted to find out what he’s been doing for the last few years, so we made him a brew and plied him with questions.

DMR: Hi Josh, welcome back to DMR.

Josh: Thanks – it’s good to be back.

DMR: It’s been five years since you were last here. First impressions on your return?

Josh: The building has changed, especially out in the training yard. And there are quite a few new faces since I was last here. But it still feels like the same DMR where I did my apprenticeship.

DMR: You joined us on a traineeship in 2015 before progressing to an apprenticeship. Tell us about that.

Josh: Yes, I started at DMR on a groundwork traineeship after a Job Centre referral. Before that, I’d done a joinery diploma at college, but I couldn’t find a job or an apprenticeship. I felt like I’d hit a dead end, but then I heard about the traineeship. Groundwork is a little different to joinery, but the course looked interesting, and it was a way for me to learn more about construction in general.

Josh in the yard where he completed his traineeship six years earlier.

DMR: And then you did your apprenticeship after finishing the traineeship?

Josh: That’s right. Dave [DMR Managing Director] took me on as a joiner at DMR so I could complete my joinery apprenticeship.

DMR: You must have impressed during the traineeship!

Josh: I like to think so.

DMR: What did you learn during your apprenticeship?

Josh: I worked on things like stud walls, stairs, kitchens, door hanging, skirting boards, second fix…pretty much everything. We covered a lot of health and safety. I remember putting a sling on Steve [DMR Senior IQA and Assessor] during a one-day First Aid course, and I’m happy to see that Steve is still working for DMR.

DMR: Didn’t you once put up a clothes rail in a walk-in wardrobe for a member of the DMR marketing team?

Josh: Haha yes I did.

DMR: Apparently, it’s still standing. First class craftsmanship. So, what did you do after finishing your apprenticeship?

Josh: I went self-employed as a joiner doing domestic work in the Leigh area. But at the time, I wasn’t driving, and it became a struggle getting enough work to support my family. I ended up taking a warehouse operative position for a metal recycling merchant to get a stable income.

DMR: Tell us how you ended up back here after a five-year break?

Josh: I loved doing my traineeship and apprenticeship at DMR and always wanted to come back. I kept in touch with Dave over the years. When he offered me the job, I was thrilled.

DMR: We haven’t asked you about your new role yet. What will you be doing at the company?

I’m currently assisting the administration and customer service team in the office. This is my first office role so I’m still finding my feet. Eventually, I’m looking forward to making use of my apprenticeship and construction experience by moving into a training consultant role and focusing on joinery. Despite the career break where I worked in recycling, it was always my goal to return to joinery in some shape or form.

DMR: You mentioned supporting your family. And we remember you becoming a dad during your first stint at DMR when you were doing your apprenticeship.

Josh: Yes, I’ve got two children now – a boy and a girl. I’ve been with my partner for eight years, and we’re hoping to get married soon. Family life is one of the reasons I returned to DMR: I wanted more time to spend with my kids than I had in my previous job.

The apprenticeship years.

DMR: Aside from time spent with the family, what do you like doing in your free time?

Josh: I like going to the gym, and I’m into PC gaming. I’ve always owned consoles but I decided to get a gaming PC during lockdown.

DMR: We used to do a bit of gaming, too: on a hand-me-down 48k Spectrum ZX. Ever played one?

Josh: I don’t even know what it is.

DMR: Our gaming career ended with the Sega Mega Drive. You heard of that?

Josh: Haha yes I have.

DMR: Good. We feel less old now. Thanks for the chat Josh, and welcome back.

Josh: Cheers!

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