What exactly is NVQ Funding?

NVQ funding is assessment and training paid for from public funds by the UK government or European Union which results in the achievement of an NVQ qualification. The objective of NVQ funding is to address skills shortages in certain industries and regions in the United Kingdom. Millions of pounds are set aside for this purpose every year.

NVQ funding was widely available between 2006 and 2010 when the now-defunct Learning and Skills Council promoted its Train to Gain initiative. Train to Gain was set up to provide employed workers in the UK with flexible training and assessment. Since the onset of government cuts in 2010, NVQ funding has been less prevalent but it can still be accessed through programmes such as the European Social Fund (ESF).

The role of colleges and training providers


Colleges and training organisations bid for government-funding contracts. Successful tenderers become lead providers and are allocated a limited amount of funding to deliver training and assessment in line with the fund’s objectives.

Lead providers are supported by other training firms who deliver specialist training as sub-contractors. All lead providers and sub-contractors are vetted by the government and are subject to regular audits.

All funding matters are handled by the training provider and government funding agency, namely the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). This leaves the individual who is receiving the training (and his or her employer) free to concentrate on their qualification.

Benefits of NVQ funding


In construction, fundingg is often provided for trades where there is a skills shortage. The rapid uptake of the CSCS card system in the industry has also created a demand for NVQ assessment. An NVQ is a mandatory requirement for CSCS card eligiblity.

To the individual construction worker, an NVQ and CSCS card opens up further opportunity for development. And it ensures that they will never be turned away from a construction site due to a lack of credentials.

In short, NVQ funding has helped raise standards, safety levels and career progression in the UK construction industry.

Funded construction NVQs with DMR Training


Through our lead provider, The Growth Company, we have access to ESF* NVQ funding for a range of construction trades including bricklaying, plastering, dry lining, roofing, painting & decorating, joinery, groundwork and plant operations (for a full list, see our funding page).

Our funded NVQ delivery is currently limited to construction workers in:

  • Greater Manchester
  • Lancashire
  • Sheffield City Region

Our NVQs are delivered through the onsite assessment route (OSAT) and, on average, take between three and four months to achieve. We are accredited to deliver NVQs by three awarding bodies – City & GuildsProqual and NOCN.

To check your eligibility for funding, call us today on 01942 673047 or visit our funding page.

* The UK Government gaurantees all ESF funding in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

Cost of acquiring a CSCS Card


Whilst a funded NVQ is provided free of charge to the recipient, construction workers seeking a CSCS card still have two smaller expenses to consider when applying for their card.

  • CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test pass (£21 payable to CITB via Pearson Vue)
  • CSCS card application (£36 payable to CSCS)

For further information on the CSCS card scheme, visit the CSCS website or DMR’s dedicated CSCS card page.

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