2021 - HOW DID WE DO?

A Brief Review of Our NVQ Assessment Performance Over the Last 12 Months

We’ve never been sheepish about highlighting our success in the world of construction NVQ assessment.

We think we’re the absolute best at what we do, and we enjoy shouting about it to construction industry stakeholders (or anyone who’ll listen, really). But we also like backing up our claims with hard evidence and stats. Our marketing team lives by the Gillespie-Vorderman principle of self-promotion: blow your own trumpet hard but make sure you’ve got some numbers up your sleeve as well.

And speaking of numbers, we’ve got a few to share with you.

2021 in Numbers

Our first trumpet concerto is a piece titled companies/workers/qualifications.

  • Number of construction companies we worked with in 2021 – 101
  • Number of NVQs that construction workers have achieved with us in 2021 – 416
  • Number of construction occupational areas in which we delivered assessment in 2021 (e.g. bricklaying, dry lining, joinery) – 25

In short, we helped 416 workers across 25 construction trades gain their vocational qualification and CSCS card last year. Many of the 416 were self-employed workers; others were employed by one of over a hundred construction firms.

Visit our Youtube channel to check out a couple of our employer video interviews from 2021.

Need more numbers? See our equivalent blog post for 2020.

Top 5 Construction NVQs (By Trade) in 2021

Next up, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular NVQ trades we assessed in 2021.

  1. Insulation and Building Treatments – 102 (# of NVQs)
  2. Supervision – 83
  3. Dry Lining – 51
  4. Cladding – 41
  5. Passive Fire Protection – 25

It’s no surprise that insulation came top. This NVQ features several pathways, including Cavity Wall Insulation, Loft Insulation and External Wall Insulation. With the drive towards a low carbon economy, the Net Zero push gaining momentum, and widespread construction retrofit projects happening across the UK, we expect Insulation and Building Treatments to remain popular in 2022 and beyond.

2021 – Customer Feedback (in Numbers)

Our final trumpet solo covers customer feedback in 2021.

We attempt to get basic performance feedback from every individual who completes an NVQ with us. Our survey features ten questions – eight of which have quantitive multiple choice answers.

We’ve showcased results from four of the questions below. But you can find the full 2021 survey results here.

Firstly, a few points about survey methodology.

  • Between 01/01/2021 and 31/12/2021, we received basic performance feedback from 413 of our NVQ achievers. They achieved their qualifications with us between September 2020 and December 2021.
  • We use the Survey Monkey platform to compile feedback.
  • We employ both email and phone calls to elicit feedback.
  • Only our marketing and admin staff are involved in customer feedback interviews. We do not include our NVQ assessors in this process (i.e. our NVQ assessors do not survey their own NVQ candidates).

Every single one of the 416 NVQ achievers we spoke to in 2021 told us their assessor gave them ample support throughout their qualification. 100% performance stats always look a bit dodgy, granted. But if you had the chance to sit in on one of our assessor team meetings, you’d soon see that these guys really are that good.

Check out this short case study for an example of how our assessors go the extra mile.

Another 100 percenter.

DMR’s Steve Graham outlined the critical skills of an NVQ assessor in a recent interview (he also provides some off-topic anecdotes about Freddie Mercury and Pope John Paul II).

Admittedly, we use the words ‘satisfied’ and ‘dissatisfied’ far too often in this survey. Thankfully, satisfaction prevails among our NVQ achievers when it comes to course duration.

Satisfaction prevails again when summarising our overall performance. 90% scored us 4/4. And 9% scored us 3/4.

Did You Like Our Numbers?

Visit our NVQ assessment page and find out how to get started on gaining your qualification and CSCS card today.

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